Two heroes stricken by the honor of becoming heroes to the world, and yet we have a person that has embraced every ounce of the change. Sheffler wasn’t much growing up. He was pushed aside, the quick joke, never taken seriously, but he had two best friends in Shadow and Cypress. He met them on a bus to camp one summer and never broke the bond. Sheffler often times stepped in to help Shadow when he caused trouble, using his size to overcome anyone trying to stand their ground.

This is why when his two best pals joined the military, he showed an interest in doing it as well, but he never made it. Turns out quick jokes and being a body guard wasn’t what they needed at the time, so he was sent home, but he never let the bond break between friends. He constantly kept in contact and when The Awakening happened he became worried. He tracked his friends down and broke into a facility to get them free.

Little did he know that he was putting on a show and the scientists really liked it. They admired his size and strength and sought to enhance it. They captured him, experimented, and thought they had failed so they shipped him off to another planet. He was to become food for alien scum, but his two best friends broke him free.

Cypress utilizing her new powers kept him alive, and Shadow injected his own blood into Sheffler as a new hope. Sheffler began to grow, his muscles were outrageous in size, and he started to internally glow blue like Shadow. He now has the power of strength, the ability to protect his two best friends, and become part of their team like he had always dreamed. He can save the world and that was the greatest feeling ever!

Character Facts:

Powers: Super strength, ability to use guns normally utilized only on vehicles, healing but not as fast as Shadow, and can deflect small ammunition with his muscles.

Occupation: Chef


Real Name: Sheppard

Related Characters: Shadow, Cypress

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