Syndicate is one person that represents an entire world. Syndicate was found on the planet Shadow and Cypress were sent to, at first he was their enemy, but now he is their only hope of existence.

Syndicate utilized advanced technology as weapons and defense. His suit is made of futuristic metals mined from his planet. The helmet filters the air, needed due to the chemicals released by alien invaders. This is why he initially thought Shadow and his team were enemies, they were able to breath without filtration. The rest of the suit hides compact weapons with the power of a huge arsenal, and advanced communication including holographic transmission.

Syndicate and his team are experts at breaking into communications or air waves, and due to their world being miles ahead of ours they are capable of doing as they please with our technology.

Syndicate was just a boy when his world went to war. The Awakening is nothing new to him, he knows what comes next. The invasion. The death. The monsters. He watched it, he lived it, and he grew up with it. This is why he created the Syndication, a group of warriors from all aspects of life banning together to fend off the forsaken alien scum, but it’s too late and he knows it. His world is lost, the battle is lost, and the war is all but over.

That is until he comes across Shadow and his team, warriors of their own world, warriors that have a new approach. They have embraced the darkness, become one with it, and still fight to protect the innocent. A new hope arises with him, he joins forces and sets out to protect a world that has no idea what is about to happen. He will protect this world, or he will die trying.


Character Facts:

Powers: No actual powers, instead he utilizes advanced technology to gain an edge. He can craft advanced weaponry and defense systems, he can also hack into communications and opens the ability to travel the galaxy.

Occupation: He likes to call himself a Space Marine.


First Appearance: Shadow Uprising #2

Real Name: Spencer

Related Characters: Shadow, Cypress, Sheffler

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