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Shadow Uprising is a science fiction comic book series written by Tribe Comics’ Dustin Spino. Shadow, the main hero in the series, will take on many enemies across the universe while battling emotional decisions along the way. Devastating alien life forms, big weapons, and lots of fun fill the pages of every Shadow: Uprising title.

Set in a universe terrified by an ever growing onslaught of aliens that many units refer to as “Exusian” troops. These aliens are beasts of all sizes, some walk like humans, others are critters that will tear through people for food. Exusian troops have taken over many planets and destroyed them, the most recent short coming being a planet named “Astron.”

The planet is where Syndicate is from, he is a futuristic soldier that put together a syndication group that set out to protect the planet, and create a final stand. They failed. The planet was devastated and chaos engulfed around them. Just as Syndicate was about to accept defeat Shadow and his team arrived, giving him a second hope.

Syndicate decided to team up with Shadow and his team to head to Earth, to protect the beautiful planet from the devastation that was Astron, but they are too late. Greed overcame several government powers, an event titled “The Awakening” had already taken place on Mars, alerting Exusian troops across the universe. Little did Shadow know that he was actually part of the awakening, and an experiment that came from the tests. He himself was a beacon.

The two teams seek to alert the world, but who would believe such an event is about to take place? Not many. To make matters worse, government experimentation had found a way to create duplicate Shadow projects and they set out to make Shadow look like a bad guy. The dark secret can’t leak out in the wake of new found superheroes. Shadow experiment begin killing innocent people, turning people against Shadow and his team, creating an Uprising between two separate sides.  What will happen in a world destined to be destroyed both internally and externally?

Shadow: Uprising is a comic book and novel series by Tribe Studio Comics written by Dustin Spino. Original created art drawn by Scott Shehi. Artist Victor Rodriguez. Colors by Joe Flores. Shadow’s first appearance is in Tribal Stories #6.

Copyright © 2016 by Tribe Studio Comics.

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