Gates To Hell…

Gates To Hell

Many cities across the country were reporting dense fog situations, but the communication ended there. Many of us assumed it was just a weather issue, but nobody knew that a virus was spreading. Though technically I am not sure if it was even a virus. Word began to spread through social media from people within the cities. Warnings were issued, and videos were published and taken down within hours. That didn’t stop the widespread concern, and the media for some reason was not interested in explaining.

That is why it was of no surprise when the sirens screamed across my city. The blaring horns echoed through the cracks in every wall, the panic had people racing in every direction, and computer made voices told us to remain calm. “All civilians must report to the evacuation site of their district,” the monotone voice explained to us. You district wasn’t where you lived, the district was where you are at in the moment. Those in the suburbs were going one place, while those of us in the main city were forced to go to another. A parameter of agents ensured we followed directions and anyone attempting to run was tackled to the ground and put to sleep.

“Why are they quarantining us?” “Is it the fog?!” people were yelling questions to the agents, worried about what will come next…. And they had every right to.

The situation wasn’t scary men in military uniforms coming down and pushing us. It was more along the lines of “just go, and we will sort it out later.” There was no urgency on their behalf. So most of us followed, we went to our evacuation site. Ours was at the edge of the city. They had put up these massive walls with two main gates at the front. They were prepping it as people were walking, but they somehow pushed the walls up fast.

I looked out over the waves of people, many with worried faces, other simply lost in the air they breathe, but I noticed one of the agents walking in the opposite direction. He seemed to be in a hurry, not looking back, yet focused on not being caught. These agents wore full uniforms complete with a helmet and mask so they all appeared emotionless, but this agent had my interest due to his body language. I squeezed my way through the crowd, excusing myself for every person I pushed and every foot I stepped on before I reached him.

“Sir!” I yelled at him, he kept his head down and kept walking at a fast pace so I played catch up. Finally I was able to reach out and grab his shoulder, this seemed to have startled him more than anything as he quickly turned and nearly pointed his weapon at me. “What are you doing?! Get back in line!” He mumbled under his helmet, but he was hesitant to say it.

“No something is going on, why are you leaving?” I addressed him, he looked around before answering me. “If you are quiet and can shadow me, we can both survive. Otherwise get in line,” he grabbed my hands and pulled them behind me as if he were to arrest me.

“What is going on?” I slightly struggled with his grasp, he let go to readjust assuring that I wasn’t actually being held captive. “Those agents are not real. They are not human.” He said this and it took a few moments to comprehend the statement before I replied, “not human?”

Just as he was about to respond to me there was a loud alarm that went off as the gates to the evacuation site began to open. Agents followed the gates with guns drawn in the hands, not allowing anyone in the front to pass by. The crowd pushed up against the front lines wavering to get in, but the line was holding up.

“We must go, come on!” The agent yelled at me as he darted in the other direction, but I hesitated. I watched where he ran off too, but I looked back and that’s when I saw it. The agents threw out canisters of smoke, the fog that many videos showcased was spraying out of the canisters. Then the agents open fired in the crowd, and when the crowd began to run the other way the other agents opened their mags. Some civilians were captured, screaming in horror as they were being dragged into what was now a camp.

It wasn’t too late for me, I ran the other direction, to where I thought the agent ran and caught up to him as he was climbing into a van. “What was that? What just happened?” I wanted answers before I climb into a van with the enemy.

“They were not killing them, they were poisoning them. If you saw people being captured, they were immune and will be test subjects. Those agents were not human, at least not entirely.” But how did he know, I had more questions that needed immediate answers. “I’m a spy for the US Military, get in with me and I’ll ensure your safety, but I’m not going to wait around,” he explained.

It turns out the government knew of the gates and they were trying to counter act them. The government refers to them as the “gates to hell,” but since the enemies had control of communications the threat was only where they wanted it to be. 

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