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Cypress is the brains and magic to the team of Shadow. Might we say she is even the best female superhero of all time! Bragging aside Cypress takes illusions and mixes it with the ability to accomplish anything she sets her mind too. Some might say she is even the leader of the group.

Cypress holds a mystical power, or is it just her messing with our minds? Either way she is able to bring the world to life any way she wants all around you. If you want that world to be happy and free, well you better not make her mad!

Alyssa was a close friend of Ethan, and she even joined the military with him. However she decided to go a special ops route and was highly decorated for her ability to sneak into buildings and save hostages without a trace of how she did it. When The Awakening happened she was summoned to infiltrate a Russian Mars base, or that is what the soldiers were told. Things didn’t go as planned and Alyssa decided to veer from the mission, discovering all was not as it seemed.

After being discovered, agents were sent after her. She found a way to get back to Earth, but agents couldn’t let her be free, they couldn’t let their secrets become news headlines. They hunted her for months, they destroyed everything she loved, they ripped her apart without touching her.

While on the run Alyssa decided to go by the name Cypress to try and hide from the agents, but a mysterious man that went by the name “The Magic Man” offered to help. His assistance was more along the lines of drugs that he had stolen from a lab, and Cypress became a test subject. More bad things happened that Cypress refuses to acknowledge, but she now has a hatred of The Magic Man so strong that he is lucky to be alive, so she ran. Again. Alone.

That is until Ethan, battered and torn, found a way to communicate with her. She must find him, she must survive.

Once together, Ethan is captured while she knocked out, captured like an animal. She watches him struggle on an operating table, screaming, crying. She can’t take it, but the bars around her start to bend. Her hands begin to glow. The rage she has built up, it becomes a weapon. She takes the opportunity to utilize her new found power to get to Ethan, but a wall she cannot break separates them. She must ride along in the vessel, to a planet they do not know.

Character Facts

Powers: Illusions that come to life, ability to read minds and change decisions, her magic powers also allow her to bend molecules or press against thin air to do things like jump.

Occupation: Spec-Ops, listed as Defected

Facebook: Facebook.com/ShadowUprising

First Appearance: Tribal Stories #6

Real name: Alyssa

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Wherever you go, whatever you do, a shadow creeps behind you. Shadow may not have chosen to become a hero, but people sure do see him as one. In a world that isn’t very accepting to him, Shadow must defend human kind as an alien.

Ethan was in the military just before the awakening happened. The awakening, an event that took place on Mars, the day NASA requested military assistance. Ordinary troops were being trained to breathe in a breathless world, pods were being stricken, and countries had something new to fight over. That is until it all ended, and none of it existed…

Soldiers were waking from comas in agony, some were lucky and not waking at all, but Ethan was the perfect one. An experiment that had finally gone right. An experiment that knew he would become a weapon.

On this day Ethan became a shadow, a cold distant alien that was always lurking. Ethan had died, Shadow was born. Deep down he wants to end it, to stop the madness, but then the Eclipse happens. More shadows are being born, an endless rift of alien soldiers are being formed, and Shadow gains a glimpse of Syndication, aka Aliens not too happy that their bodies are being used to create weapons, aliens that have destroyed entire worlds.

Instead of watching the world burn he decides to team up with distant planetary soldiers to help ensure his own world doesn’t become like theirs. Will he keep this outlook even when the world he thrives to protect turns against him? Will his Uprising be enough to save them?


Character Facts

Powers : Alien symbiote that has a mind of its own, tentacles that can bite, quick healing, sword and acrobatic skills, and loves to play with guns.

Occupation: Ex-Military, listed as MIA

Facebook: Facebook.com/ShadowUprising

First Appearance: Tribal Stories #6

Real Name: Ethan

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